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First Post!

Welcome to the Pain Pals blog. It's official. Writing is underway!

It's great to be alive and thriving in 2022!

After some time away from my usual pleasures (recording the podcast and leathersmithing), I am happy to get back into it; plans with a twist.

Lots has happened since July. More on that in the next episode.

This new year will unravel a new season loaded with fresh things and sprinkled with the best of the old. It's thrilling! For both the podcast and the blog!

My quietude may have been mistaken with quitting the show, failure, or death, but I assure you, that was not the case. I can't wait to jump into 2022 eyeballs first.

With this first post, I begin a new leg of this journey...

I am here to raise awareness of CRPS by sharing how it affects me, with my paradoxical brain and body. I realize paradoxical effects, which are effects that are opposite to what you expected, are not a prevalent occurrence. This is why I think it should be talked about, because it still occurs and those who experience it may feel confused by it or like it is an allergic reaction to something. Perhaps something else. Some of us are just wired different.

If you have already heard an episode, or all of them, then you are familiar with this thing that plagues my existence known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (over here), CRPS for short, crips for other crips.

Here is a fairly accurate visual representation of CRPS:

This is MY experience, don't get it twisted. The blog and podcast are, and will be, anecdotal with scientific backing when it is available.

I am a battery operated cyborg, so this is my normal. I run hotter than usual due to my internal hardware, which exacerbates the general burning associated with CRPS.

Here is a cuter visual aid to make you less uncomfortable about CRPS and living a life on fire:

This sums up what it's like when you have CRPS and you feel like a muppet.

Oh, Elmo! You cheeky bastard.

So, there you have it. I have probably freaked you out a bit and you're probably ready to roll out. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!!

I am here to raise awareness of CRPS and to talk about chronic pain & cannabis. I thoroughly enjoy cannabis in it's many forms, plus it is part of a healthy and balanced diet (allegedly), so let's talk about it. De-stigmatizing talking about pain and cannabis is huge to me, so I'll be doing some cannabis reviews as it relates to treating my rare, chronic pain condition and beyond! Full circle.

Thanks for visiting. Happy new year, pals.


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